Brain Tea

Abundance Mindset with Dr. Nana Jokura & Alex Kahel

July 26, 2021 Alex Kahel Episode 1
Brain Tea
Abundance Mindset with Dr. Nana Jokura & Alex Kahel
Show Notes

On this episode of Brain Tea, I welcome health success consultant and author of the book Your Healthy Success, Dr. Nana Jokura. Nana’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and partitioners achieve their goals by shifting their mindset to live a purposeful life. Nana walks us through a set of categories that have been proven to help with productivity and connecting with the mind, that being the ABCs of goals and the three pillars to help shift your mindset. 

“When we have chaos in our mind, we have chaos in our life. When we have order in our mind, we have order in our life.”

📒  Show Notes and Resources 📒

[00:34] Introduction to Nana

[04:02] Belief at the subconscious level 

[05:19] ABC’s of goals

[07:21] Connecting with our genuine self

[09:18] Allow yourself to desire

[10:47] Productivity

[12:37] Goal to destination 

[13:47] Three pillars to shifting mindset

[17:24] Outro


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