Brain Tea

How Digestion Affects Brain Health with Dr. Corina Kibsey & Alex Kahel

July 26, 2021 Alex Kahel Episode 2
Brain Tea
How Digestion Affects Brain Health with Dr. Corina Kibsey & Alex Kahel
Show Notes

In this episode of Brain Tea, I am joined by Dr. Corina, a Naturopathic Doctor, to discuss how digestion can affect our brain and productivity. Dr. Corina shares her knowledge on what we call the second brain, the stomach. She connects the dots between brain fog, leaky gut, and good bacteria vs. bad bacteria while offering preventative measures through diet and probiotics.

Let’s get into it!


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📒 Show Notes and Resources 📒

[01:27] Background on Dr Corina
[03:21] How digestion affects our brain and productivity
[04:21] The enteric nervous system
[07:21] Causes and symptoms of brain fog
[08:21] Curing leaky gut
[11:02] Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
[13:42] Digestion starts in the brain
[18:51] Foods that are bad for brain health
[26:08] Foods that are good for brain health
[29:21] Connect with Dr. Corina

Connect with Dr. Corina Kebsiy
▸ WEBSITE - Naturopath In The GTA -

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